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I have been a committed Christian. I read the Word daily and pray a lot. I came to a point in my walk that I wondered if God really cared. I know that sounds strange for a preacher to say, but in the midst of the pain and being sick so much I just could not understand how a loving God would allow his child to go through all of this. I never really talked about it. My response was, God is good all the time and all the time He is good, but I really didn’t believe it because I was hurting and felt all alone.

Please don’t judge me unless you have experienced what I have. After all, God is not through with me yet.

I am blessed to have a wife who is under-
standing and loving
. Chris has walked this difficult path with me every step of the way. She has been my encourager. There were times that I wanted to die, but she was my constant reminder that God isn’t through with me yet. My son, Tevin, has been great. When I first got home, I could not sleep in the bed so I slept in a recliner. Tevin would sleep on the couch to be close to me and make sure I was all right. When I finally could sleep a few hours in the bed, he would sleep on the floor by our bed so he was close to me. I just love that child for who he is and what he has done. Pastor Donny Howell and the Pine Creek Community Church Family helped me spiritually and financially. Pastor Jefferson Martin and the Open Bible Family helped me spiritually and financially as well as having sitters to pray over me and encourage me while I was in the hospital. These individuals and churches showed me God’s touch of love. My three aunts were great, too. My Aunt Mary, Aunt Dot, Aunt Ivory, and Aunt Jean encouraged me as well as a host of cousins, especially Kevin, Ann, and Shelton. I am also want to thank my pastor, The Reverend Clarence W. Davis and the Friendship Missionary Baptist Church family, along with the church community in Colorado Springs.
—The Reverend Dr. Henry F. Johnson


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