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Deep In The Stacks

We've been online since 2001 or 2000, depending n how you look at it. During that time, a lot of articles and essays and information have been posted here. Over time, we've changed, the web has changed. Some of the old code may not work properly, some of the old links might be broken. So we've done the responsible thing: taken all the old stuff and shoved it down into the basement. Welcome to that basement. Here you'll find virtually everything we've ever posted up here since 2000, when we were called ColoradoPraise.Net. Some of these essays have been updated or re-written and re-coded and exist on our current site. Feel free to report any problems or glitches you encounter and we'll get 'em fixed. We greatly appreciate your visiting with us and your ongoing support of this ministry.

The church should never have a routine, but should always have a purpose. The two are rarely congruent and almost never interchangeable. In routine we find comfort and reassurance in the structure of ritual. In purpose we find the anxiety of the unknown and the reward of the unexpected. The unexpected gifts of unexpected people.

Holla! At Neil Brown

Neil Brown Ministries

No More Bull You've Got Mail
Eternity: Smoking Or Non-Smoking? All-Points Bulletin
Beyond The Call The Kid Stays In The Picture
My Resignation The Spirit of Rhoda
The Prayer The I Am Sam Generation
The Making Of A Testimony Our Persecution of Tiger Woods
Leaving The Stage: Who Ministers To The Ministers  

A Preacher's Confession

Insecurity: A Preacher's Confession Privacy: A Preacher's Confession
Anger: A Preacher's Confession Ageism: A Preacher's Confession
Abortion: A Preacher's Confession Boldness: A Preacher's Confession
Suicide: A Preacher's Confession Divorce: A Preacher's Confession
Sex: A Preacher's Confession Heartbreak: A Preacher's Confession
Jealousy: A Preacher's Confession Our Persecution of Tiger Woods


Keeping It Real

with Dr. Henry Johnson

The Blood Of Jesus On Trial Four Meditations On The Prodigal Son
Temporarily Yours The Pastor's Call
The Seven Last Words of Christ The Other Side Of Calvary
God Is In Control Trouble In The Village
Overcoming The Slave Mentality Learning To Wait
Pastors' Wives Body & Soul
Hope At Your Point Of Breakdown Christ, The Christian & Church
Fallen: Resisting Temptation Making A Crooked Church Straight
Rx For A Healthy Church Confession Is Good For The Soul
What Happens After Death? The Importance Of Family
Enduring Hardship Can You Hear Me Now?
Marriage In The Biblical Perspective Have You reached Your Potential?
Sinners Anonymous Advice From An Old Soldier
We Fall Down Giving Thanks
No Room For Jesus CAN God Bless America?


PraiseNet Essentials
PraiseNet 101
The Black Church
Church Growth
Essentials Sisters
Christians & Sex
Christians & Choice


Recent Essays 2010

We Rule The Night: Afghanistan The Next Angel
This Is STILL Adrianne Archie Jerry Buys The Farm: The Book of Jeremiah
Obama: The Stormy Present To Boldly Go: Our Mission
Obama's Katrina (Gulf Disaster) Lena Horne: The Lady And Her Music
Jealousy: A Preacher's Confession Our Obsession with Tiger Woods
This Is Adrianne Archie How Obama Failed
This Nonsense With Titles Where Is The Black Voice?
Haiti: Thy Brother's Keeper Does Black History Month Still Matter?



Recent Essays 2009

Remaking Sarah Palin Submit: Why Sisters Just Aren't Doing It
Nobel, Obama And Us The Gathering Storm: Radical Islam
Ego: Operating Outside Of Our Gifts The Circle Broken: Sustaining Relationships
The Public Option Table For One: Why You're Okay
Those Who Wait: The Health Care Mess Autopsy Of A Dead Church
The Strange Saga of Henry Louis Gates Blacks vs. Obama: Selling Out
Sotomayor, Obama and America 30 Days: The Historic Inauguration
Neverland: What Michael Taught Us In Focus: What's Wrong With The Moral Right
Blind Faith: Why We Don't Value Intellect Lost In The Matrix



Recent Essays 2008

Fear Of Canaan: Black Church & Tech Why The Black Church Ignores Obama
Choice: Where Should We Stand? Larry Norman
Man On Fire: Minister Darryl Cherry Finally: Obama Wins The Nomination
When Saved Stars Turn Back What's At Stake: Sarah Palin
Women & Authority & The Black Church Blacks Denying Others Civil Rights
Jas & Jo: The PraiseNet Interview Sex & The Single Christian
Rev Stef & Jubilation Zimbabwe: Dancing In The Dust
The Gospel Of John McCain  


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