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People really don't think I should be exposing myself in this way. It's almost like I'm telling people that it's okay to be angry. And in a way, I am. But I also am discussing the hurt, the pain, and the frustration that came with it. I was angry about being hurt and overlooked when I was a church member in good standing. I didn't think I always received fair treatment, and was put into a stereotype of sorts that all minister are only

after what they can get from churches. It's easy to preach it to others, but, actually thinking good things about yourself is not so easy. Somehow the Lord has made a way, and continues to do so.

I hate to admit it, but I struggle. until I became one. Why do you constantly keep praying and ministering and preaching and hoping for people who really seem like they don't want to be bothered? That's exactly what I asked God when He called me to ministry, “...Why?” Why can't somebody else go? Why can't you use Brother Over There who needs the call more than I do? Why can't You use Sister That Everybody Loves? “Because, I want you," He said. You have unique giftings and abilities that will be an asset to me in the very near future. That was January 1994. By July of that year, I was sitting in a service at New Life Church, of all places, when He spoke to me again at the altar call that evening.  All He said was, “Your time is drawing near, get ready for work.” And suddenly, the Word of God opened up to me like never before. I began hearing preaching and teaching in my own voice, but I didn't want to do it, and I sho'nuff didn't want to hear it. But, soon, God began to get on my nerves. It was kind of like that movie, “Ghost” when the Patrick Swayze character began singing “Henry the Eighth” over and over to get Whoopi to help him with his mission once he realized that he had been murdered. That's what God was doing to me, murdering my will so that His could become a reality in my life. And in November, I stopped struggling and yielded. One of the best things I ever did.


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