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Help And Suggestions For Using This Site

Public Enemy #1: Toolbars

Most PC users I've known have one or more (sometimes many more) useless toolbars installed on their web browser. Software companies sneak these useless things onto your web browser when you install updates. If your PC boots slowly, it is likely because each one of these toolbars must connect to the internet and check for updates before allowing your PC to finish booting. They take up space, reducing the height of your web browser so you're basically seeing half or less of the screen.

The fact is: you don't need ANY toolbars. None. Zero. Your search and popup blocker is already built into you browser. Most people I know have several toolbars, which means popup blockers on top of popup blockers. Disabling one means noting, you still won't see special media content on this site.

I advise everyone to dump ALL toolbars. Internet Explorer (and every other web browser) has built-in search and popup blocking (and some, spyware blocking like the new Windows Defender). Get rid of the toolbars. The best way is to go to CONTROL PANEL--ADD/REMOVE PROGRAMS and remove anything that says "Toolbar." The quickest way is to right-click near the top of your web browser. You'll see a bunch of features with checkmarks next to them. Un-check all the toolbars (and deactivate their respective support systems when asked). You should also un-check "Menu" to get rid of the useless File--Edit--View menu at the top of your web browser. You don't need it. You never use it. In Internet explorer, if you need that menu for some reason, simply press ALT and there it is.

Here are some suggestions and resoucres to assist in using this site:

  • No Audio Or Video

  • Add Us To Your List of Trusted Websites

  • Firewalls & Security

  • Norton Internet Security

  • Graphics Quality

  • Page Transitions

  • Images & Sound

  • Terms of Use

  • Privacy Policy

  • No Audio/Video

    Video/Audio doesn't play when I click them

    Get Apple Quicktime FREEThe PraiseNet's web ministry uses audio and video files in  Apple Quicktime (iTunes) format. If you have problems playing these files, it is likely because your version of Apple Quicktime needs to be updated. To update your version of Apple Quicktime, click here. If you are using Mac OSX, try using either Safari or Mozilla FireFox for Macintosh OSX. If you are using system 9 or earlier on a Macintosh, the only browser available is Microsoft Internet Explorer version 5.1.7, and Apple does not support that browser with the Quicktime plugin. Even if you have Quicktime installed, you may see an alert that looks like this:

    9 out of 10 times you can click Yes and be done with this..

    Video files are formatted for a broadband or high-speed Internet connection. These are very big files, 5-100 Megabytes in size. If you are on a dial-up connection, there will be a very long wait for these videos to play, and your connection may time out, which  means they may not play at all.

    Alerts And Security

    I have problems reading The PraiseNet's eMail

    I get annoying warnings from Internet Explorer every time I use this site.

    Most web browsers and firewalls will treat websites they don't know as hostile or dangerous sites. If you see a little globe in the bottom right of you're browser, the website you are looking at is in your "Internet Zone," which is usually given tight security. That's why you keep seeing annoying security alerts and why you may not see the wallpaper in The PraiseNet's emails. To eliminate these alerts, you should assign web sites you regularly visit to your Trusted Zone. This will tell your web browser and firewall to chill out, and you'll see far fewer annoying alerts.

    The problem is, Microsoft never tells you how to do this. And I've never seen instructions on how to do this posted on a website. Pure genius.

    To use The PraiseNet's web ministry (and eMail) we strongly suggest you add The PraiseNet to your list of Trusted Websites.

    Click TOOLS and choose INTERNET OPTIONS.

    In the INTERNET OPTIONS window, select SECURITY. Click on TRUSTED SITES. DE-SELECT the little box that says "Require Server Verification."

    Add these  domains to your Trusted Sites (you can copy and paste them):



    Click OK.


    Try viewing The PraiseNet's eMail again. The wallpaper should download.

    Try viewing The PraiseNet's web ministry again. Most alerts should now be gone.

    Firewalls And Internet Security

    Ok, I added the site to my Trusted Sites list, and there are still problems!

    Many new home computers come with firewalls and other privacy protections preinstalled. Unfortunately, many of these products re-write web pages "on the fly," adding proprietary code that interferes with web pages as they load. Many of these products require you to be a rocket scientist to understand how to use them. Here are some basic steps you can take to assure your over-protective firewall that this site is, indeed, safe to view. If these steps do not help, please contact our webmaster for additional help.

    Windows Firewall
    The basic privacy controls built into Windows are accessible through the INTERNET OPTIONS section of the TOOLS menu in Internet Explorer: Click the PRIVACY tab.

    Click SITES:

    Type in the following web site addresses (you can copy and paste them). Click ALLOW for each added domain:



    Click OK. Then click the SETTINGS button in the Pop-up Blocker section:

    Type in the following web site addresses (you can copy and paste them):



    Click CLOSE and then OKAY to exit.

    Norton Internet Security Firewall
    Symantec's Norton Internet Security is the industry leader in being bloated, overprotective and annoying. McAfee Internet Security Suite is less annoying, but both will block many website features if they are not configured properly.

    If you have Norton (NIS) installed, there should be a pull-down menu in the upper right-hand corner of your Internet Explorer Window. Click that menu and, from the list, choose the security settings for this site (Allow PopUps and so forth). If that does not help, your firewall settings are probably set very high, which will require you to configure your firewall to access this site. This is a little complicated, and we apologize for the hassle, but we're not making this stuff up:

    Screenshot 1 - Norton Internet Security

    Screenshot 1 - Norton Internet Security

    1. Open Norton Internet Security

    2. Click on Privacy Control

    3. Click on "Configure" button

    Screenshot 2 - Privacy Control

    Screenshot 2 - Privacy Control

    4. In Privacy Control - Click on the Advanced button

    Screenshot 3 - Advanced Web Contents Options

    Screenshot 3 - Advanced Web Contents Options

    5. Click on the Add Site button

    Screenshot 4 - New Site/Domain

    Screenshot 4 - New Site/Domain

    6. Type in the following web site address (you can copy and paste them):


    7. click OK

    Screenshot 5 - Advanced Web Contents options with christchurch.org.nz

    8. Select each new domain you have just added

    9. under "information about visited sites"

    • DE-select "use default settings"
    • click "permit"

    10. Return to Step 5 and add the list of domains listed below:


    Close Norton and delete your Temporary Internet Files (in Internet Explorer, click TOOLS and INTERNET OPTIONS and then click DELETE FILES from the Temporary Internet Files section). Close Internet Explorer then open a new Internet Explorer window and re-load the web site. That should tell Norton to stop messing with the site. MacAfee's firewall configures similarly, see your owner's manual for details.

    Graphics Quality

    The graphics look blurry and pixilated. What's up with that?

    If you are using AOL, many of our graphics may appear blurred or pixilated. This is because AOL uses a graphics compression scheme that saves you time downloading but makes the graphics look absolutely terrible. If you are using an "optimized" or "high speed" dialup connection, most likely your "top speed" or "optimized" dialup connection achieves its speed by short-changing you on the graphics: by downloading low-resolution alternatives to our graphics.

    We work very hard to create the best quality graphics we can achieve at a minimum file size for optimum downloading speed. Whether you want fast speed or better-looking graphics is ultimately your choice. To improve the quality of your visit here, you should turn compressed graphics OFF in your web browser.


    Page Transitions

    I Clicked A Link And Nothing Happened! This Website Is So SLOW!

    Most of the pages on this site use a transitional effect that blends the incoming page with the existing one. In order for this effect to work, your computer must draw the new page before it releases the old page. If you click a link and nothing happens, your computer is probably assembling the new page, downloading the graphics and getting the page completely drawn before it releases the page you are on.

    This slowness is especially evident if you are using a dial-up modem connection. Once you have visited the site a few times, this wait will become less and less of an issue, as your Web Browser will be storing many of these images in its memory (cache).   BACK TO TOP

    Images And Sounds

    Please do not hotlink to images or sounds on this site.  You may be able to make limited use media from this site for your personal use, so long as appropriate copyright and trademark notices remain intact. I do not own most of these images, but they are not in the public domain, and the rights of the respective copyright owners must be protected.

    Please do not link to sounds or images here for your site. Your site's traffic will be using our bandwidth, and we get charged for that. Linking to images on this site is, in effect, stealing bandwidth, and is subject to legal action. If you want to use sounds or images found here, please upload them on your own server and do not link to this one.

    Any use of any sound(s) and/or image(s) found here is at user's own risk, and may be subject to conditions of the copyright owner(s).

    Please see our terms of use for additional information. Thanks!