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Racism In Media

Obama & Black America

The Two Michelles

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The New Jim Crow

Christians & Revenge

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Trashing The Stimulus

NAACP Resolution On Tea Party

The Tea Party & African America

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No. 377 Sept 9th, 2012

this week

Lesson of The Threes
God, Disaster and Judgment

The American Disgrace of Hurricane Katrina
The Tragedy's Enduring Horror

And Our Foolish, Unbiblical Worship of Them

God Is In Control
by Dr. Henry Johnson

The American Disgrace

The Horror We Don't Discuss

Hurricane Katrina exploded the myth of a post-racial America, a convenient lie exposed all the more by the ascendancy of Barack Obama. In truth, there had been no healing, no true social compact. White and Black America pretended there was, and, until Katrina, that pretense was just as good as the real thing. Katrina, or, more specifically, the unending horror of the 24-hour news cycle covering the disaster, changed all that. We were bombarded, ever minute of every hour, day after day, with the specter both White and Black America had ridiculously attempted to ignore: the literal epitome of the black stereotype: histrionic, inarticulate, irrational. And we, both black and white, were taken aback—not only by the natural disaster but by the social one. It was as if Jim Crow had ended but nobody told them. Who were these people? Where did they come from? These were, literally, forgotten people. Expendable in every conceivable sense. Seen by both blacks and whites as contributing little if anything to society. Uneducated and purposeless. The image Black America has worked diligently to dispel in the minds of White America. Every day of my adult life I have been forced, at social gunpoint and under threat to my professional career, to overcome this very image which I believe is deeply ingrained in the minds of most of White America: the ashy, uncouth, uneducated, inarticulate Negro living off the dole. This was not, of course, the whole story of Katrina's poorest victims, but for me, and I believe much of America, the shock that these people, in this day and age, still exist, was an electric one.

Michael Clarke Duncan Dead At 54

Academy Award nominee Michael Clarke Duncan, who gained fame for his acclaimed role in the hit film The Green Mile, is dead at age 54, according to his fiancée, reality TV star Rev. Omarosa Manigault Stall-worth. Duncan had been suffering from complications following a near-fatal cardiac arrest he endured in July. He was discovered by Omarosa, who resuscitated the actor just in time to get him the proper medical treatment he needed in order to survive. Although he remained in intensive care, reports at the time suggested that Duncan was expected to make a full recovery.
     Duncan was nominated for a best supporting actor Academy Award for what continues to be his most memorable performance in 1999′s The Green Mile. He played John Coffey, a sweet but imposing man, who’s been convicted of murder and possesses supernatural healing powers.   READ FULL ARTICLE

The New Minstrel Shows

VH1's Love & Hip Hop Atlanta was the most popular show on cable among black women aged 18-49 this summer, [with] black women compris[ing] the majority of its 5.5 million viewers. Emerging research showing the negative effect these modern day, real-life minstrel shows are having on the health of black women and black relationships.
     Much of the violence between women on L&HHA stems from envy and jealousy for male attention, a bitter irony. Of all the racial groups in America, black women are the most frequent victims of domestic violence, sexual assault and intimate partner homicide. Our teenage girls have the highest rate of dating abuse among high school students. Given the causal link between media consumption and behavior, it isn’t a stretch to say that recent increases in incidents of intimate partner violence are due in part to people mirroring behavior that they are seeing on popular television.   READ FULL ARTICLE

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Wrong Answers

Why (And What) Obama Is Losing

This is simply the most dreadful presidential campaign I’ve ever seen. The president is running a joyless, ham-handed campaign, apparently getting incredibly bad advice from the overly-caffeinated David Axelrod who is not allowing the campaign to say the right things. “The president’s policies have failed!” the Republicans say, over and over, and the Obama campaign drops the ball on the most obvious push back, “The Republicans have blocked or watered down every single thing the president has tried to do. Those weren’t the president’s policies, they were the watered-down, half-a-loaf policies he could pass through GOP obstructionism. And those policies have failed to rescue America from the mess the Republicans created.” This is the inelegant truth the Obama campaign refuses to proclaim, that Republicans have deliberately and capriciously kept the economy bad in an effort to get rid of him. They have invested, wholeheartedly, in American distress just so they could blame the president for it. The Obama campaign isn’t saying anything even close to that, as it goes on and on about Bain Capital and Romney’s tax returns, a strategy that does not address the fact that vilifying Romney is a waste of time. Nobody’s voting for Romney. They are voting against Obama. I have no idea why Axelrod and friends can't see that. The people voting Republican in November already know Romney isn’t about anything, they simply hate Obama and don’t actually care who wins so long as Obama loses. It baffles me why the Obama campaign, with all those college degrees, is running the wrong campaign against Romney. They shouldn’t be running against Romney at all. Romney, after all, is simply the symptom of the much larger disease of greed and right-wing fanaticism, which the Obama campaign is barely engaging. They’re spending billions telling America what we already know: Mitt Romney is a joke. They are not laying out the narrative of not only what the president has accomplished but what the Republicans have obstructed: the things America could be doing, could be about, had the GOP—completely co-opted by the extreme wing-nut foam-rubber-Statue Of Liberty Hat crowd—focused on governing instead of spending the last three and one-half years focused exclusively on getting Obama out of office. *That* would be a compelling and effective narrative, but the Obama campaign continues to meander, with a befuddled and confused-sounding Axelrod stuttering through the Sunday talk shows while Vice President Joe Biden continues to go off like a loose canon. Obama himself, meanwhile, seems to lack fire, thunder, and genuine interest in winning. He seems tired, weary, and likely disappointed to discover how incredibly uninformed and, therefore, gullible the American public is.

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