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Protecting The Vision God Has Given You

God gave us dreams. Dreams are wonderful, dynamic, purposeful and inspiring. Dreams light up the night and make our toes tingle, get our hearts going and blood pumping. So real we can taste them. But then we turn around and make a critical error, putting weight to the opinions of others, giving others power over our dreams. Dreams come from God. Inspiration, in agreement with scripture, is God-breathed. You canít shop around for a bunch of people to agree with you or to see what you see or feel what you feel. If anything, this exile here in Babylon has sharpened my sense of spiritual discernment in recognizing I am, in fact, Tunisian. My language is foreign and my ways are unknown here. Moving forward in your ministry, following your dream, is almost always a lonely path. Those who succeed usually have two things in common: (1) people laughed at them and (2) they didnít care.

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