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PraiseNet.Org Is NOT A 501(c)(3) Nonprofit Organization
Your generous support helps defray our costs.

Supporting God's work does not require you to

empty out your wallet or mortgage your home. If everyone who visited this site left just one dollar behind, just once a month, we'd never have to post notices like this. PraiseNet.Org receives no public funding, is not underwritten

by any grants or supported by any corporate sponsors.

We believe God will support His work.

With the noted exception of a faithful few, PraiseNet.Org isn't even supported by the churches we regularly support here, nor do we charge or collect any fees from record labels or click-through fees from other sites. The last thing we want to be is a commercialized site where we're selling ad space (we do not allow commercial, paid ads), begging for money on every page, or like some TV ministries where a third or more of their programming has the preacher trying to sell you something. We want you to give only if you feel led to give, while reminding you:

This isn't television. If you don't support us, nobody will.

PraiseNet.Org is NOT a 501(3)(c)corporation and your support of this website is NOT tax-deductible. That's mainly because the cost of obtaining non-profit status and hassle of record keeping is hardly worth it considering the minimum support the site receives. You can change that by helping this online ministry grow to the point where we'll actually need the paperwork and you'll need the deduction!

Thank you and may God continue to uplift and empower you!