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We believe God loves diversity.  The first thing religion does is compromise plurality in favor of
uniformity. PraiseNet.Org accommodates a variety of opinions without unduly censoring those views
or imposing a doctrinal standard beyond the
basic fundamentals of Christian faith.

We exist for mission.

We must decide together why God has drawn us to each other.
We must live out that cause and live it like our lives depend upon it. Who are we called to reach? What are we called to do? How can we return our community to the dream of God, the perfect plan for the people he made? This is the mission we must be on. It isn’t a statement, it isn’t a slogan, or a program, or a ministry. It is our mission and God is the powerful gust that will propel us and drive us as we listen daily to his stirring within us.

—Eric C. Mason, Lead Pastor, New Tribe Community

Preaching to the choir.

If I had to start someplace, and I guess I do, the most
egregious problem with today’s black church is its lack of love.

The lack of love is the first and most obvious sign that a person does not know Jesus Christ. And I don't care if that person’s title is “bishop” or “apostle” or the new, really stupid one, “Pastor Apostle.” Paul said, “...but [without] love, I am nothing...” [I Cor 13:2]. Without love, we are powerless. Without love, we are defeated. Without love, we are in bondage. Pettiness is bondage. Childishness is bondage. Impatience, beloved, is bondage.

Just as Peter’s mission was to preach to the Good News to the Jews— God’s people—God has purposed us to preach not only to the unsaved but also to God’s people—Church Folk. To call to their notice that we have gone astray of the purpose of the church as modeled in God’s word, That we have allowed tradition to become our stumbling block, an inoperable tumor on the beating heart of the Body of Christ. Our legalism, materialism, pettiness, and lack of love robs us of both our dignity and Christian privilege. Our leaders have epically failed us and their failure has become part of our cultural DNA.

The church, if it is to call itself a church, should look like Jesus. Should be palaces of peace, a refuge from a cruel and dying world.

The purpose of this ministry is to examine who we are and what we do and contrast that behavior with what should be our common frame of reference—God’s Holy Word. We pray something here, in this online community, will help open our eyes to truth. And, having seen that truth, to share it in our churches, in our homes, on our jobs, in our schools. That we might become free from the hateful perversion of legalism and religion, and finally embrace our liberty and strength in Christ Jesus.

Christopher J. Priest, Editor

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Christopher J. Priest  Editor
Pastor New Tribe Community

Neil M. Brown Associate Editor
Minister of Youth Religious Studies
Emmanuel Missionary Baptist Church

Rev. Dr. Henry F. Johnson Associate Editor
Pastor Greater Tri-Rock Missionary Baptist

Joy O. Banks, MaCC Contributing Editorr

Sherrea Elliott Contributing Editor

Associated Ministries

Pastor Promise Lee
Relevant Word Ministries

Bishop L.A. Wilkerson
Agape Family of Churches, Austin TX

Pastor John Moore, Sr
Whosoever Will Christian Center

Dr. Charles L. Gill, Jr.
Pilgrim Baptist Church, St. Paul MN

Pastor Eric C. Mason
New Tribe Community

Pastor Roland P. Joyner
New Covenant COGIC

Pastor Larry L. Broxton
Christ Memorial Baptist Church
Savannah GA

Pastor Kelvin Dumas
King Solomon Baptist Church

Pastor Ben Anderson
Solid Rock Christian Center

Pastor Alvin Chu
eCommunity For Christ