Good Enough For Yo-Yo

I distinctly remember watching Aretha Franklin, 67, struggle through America The Beautiful in 28° air at Barack Obama’s 2009 presidential inauguration ceremony and wondering, “Why didn’t she just pre-record it?” This was, after all, what Whitney Houston had done at the 1991 Super Bowl, singing along to a track which was released the following Tuesday as a charity fundraiser for families of those involved in Gulf War I. A star singing live-to-track usually means only persons seated closest to the singer, as was President Obama at his second inaugural, could actually hear the live voice, while most everyone beyond that radius would hear the prerecorded track. Nobody even blinked at Houston’s prerecorded performance, and I felt sad for our Great Sister, Aretha, her voice understandably cracking under stress and the frigid conditions.   CONTINUED

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